For Enquiries and Sandwich Orders Call:

01273 834224

COVID-19 Help

Sayers Common Community Shop are working together with Albourne Parish Council, Sayers Common Ward Councillors and ASCAT PCC (the church) to ensure that residents can cope with the emergency caused by the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.


Together we are compiling a list of vulnerable people, those self-isolating and, most importantly, volunteers who are available to give help to those who need it – including shopping, submitting prescriptions, posting things, walking dogs and helping in the community shop.


If you would like to volunteer to help or if you may be in need of assistance please let us know.


You can either call the shop on 01273 834224 or email on


COIVD-19 Help


Please provide your name, address, contact number and /or email address and let us know if:


  • You are happy to volunteer or
  • You may be in need of assistance


If you could provide your preferred method of contact that would be great.


Our leaflet can also be printed and returned. – please do share with neighbours.